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2023 has no doubt been a hectic year, one full of trials and tribulations, but nothing short of a fulfilling one. We are proud to announce that our 10th S.E.A Connect instalment took place successfully on the 8th of November 2023, at 上海新国际博览中⼼ SNIEC in Shanghai, China. Our clients in Singapore were flown down to the Land of the Red Dragon, where discussions took place, propelling mutual business success. 

This time around, we kept things more personal with an exclusive evening dinner to celebrate the year's immense success with our clients. An evening of familiar faces, bonds were strenghtened over the sharing of delectable food and drinks at the table. 


We cannot express enough thanks to everyone who has played a part in this event in China, as well as the 8 other events that had been organised across Southeast Asia and Australia in this year alone. Our utmost gratitude goes out to our clients who placed their trust in our young team and joined us on this crazy journey. 

As we continue to explore even more cross-border opportunities and further business growth with you, we look forward to the endless possibilities that await us in the next year. 2024 will be an exciting one.

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