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​Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

25 NOV 2022

9AM - 5PM

5-Star Hotel

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S.E.A. Connect is a gateway for international brands to access the Southeast Asia markets.

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25th November

5-Star Hotel

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BAEMIN, Vietnam

"I personally enjoyed the organisation of the event dearly. Such cool stuff! The sessions were very interesting, helpful and insightful."

Ha-Jun Korean

"There are investors who are already interested to be importing our products via supermarket or ecommerce. We didn't expect so many attendees to be visiting our booths. I feel that the Indonesian market is very huge and there is a lot of potential. "

Tapas 24

"Overall a good experience. It opens up our perspective about Indonesia, the demographics, what can work... We are very happy that Simple Group organised this in such a nice manner and it's good. I'm very happy, thank you. "